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Roots kidmin is for all kids from Kindergarten-5th grade! We meet every Sunday morning at 10a- if your new we recommend getting there around 9.50 to register and get acquainted. We start out as a whole group- the kids are encouraged to hang out and intereact with each other and visitors- we have activity boards they can play with until we begin our actual service at 10:10. Our elemenatry service is divided into 3 groups: orange (k-1), blue (2-3), green (4-5)- we stay together in our groups during our opening activities, worship and bible story- we do split up for 20 mins into small groups to get more one-on-one time! 


We strive to engage with your kids right where they are- we teach them how to apply God's teachings to their lives! We encourage kids to be themselves and to be the best version of themselves they can be! We teach them that God loves them NO MATTER WHAT- and that we should love others the same! Our 3 main principles are: we can trust god no matter what, treat others the way you want to be treated, and always make the wise choice!


Every lesson and resource we offer helps kids discover who Jesus is, and then shows them how to put their faith into practical action on a Tuesday morning when they’ve overslept or on a Friday afternoon when the teacher is playing favorites.


ROOTS Kidmin is dedicated to helping children grow in wisdom, faith and friendship.

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