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Here at Faith, we believe that the church should be A Safe Place to Find and Follow Jesus regardless of a person's color, upbringing, appearances, choices, education, or any other detail that the world uses to divide. We are becoming a community that welcomes and supports one another on our journey to become Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Empowered, and Mission-Focused. Join us in taking one step at a time to know God more and make a difference for Jesus in the Sandusky Bay Area. 

A Safe Place to Find Jesus: In our quest to find God, we are at different stages along that path. For most of us, our path is completely different from those around us. Here at Faith, we embrace these differences. We understand that God has not called us to Judge others but to love others. We are here to love and encourage you in your quest to find Jesus.

A Safe Place to Follow Jesus: In our quest to know God, we will begin to know ourselves. You will find that God has placed dreams, abilities, and passions deep in your heart. Here at Faith, we want you to become everything that Jesus died on the cross for you to become. We want to see you discover, develop, and deploy those abilities for God's Kingdom. We are here to encourage and support you on your quest to follow Jesus. Yes, that even means when we make mistakes!

Gospel-Centered: Becoming a person who sees the world and makes decisions through the Gospel of Jesus.

Spirit-Empowered: Becoming a person who recognizes and responds to the Holy Spirit's presence and direction in our lives. We often pray, "God help us to hear your voice and give us the courage to follow you when you call."

Mission-Focused: Becoming a person who is focused on the mission of God in every aspect of their life. God has chosen us to be the carriers of the Gospel to the Sandusky Bay Area and the ends of the earth.

From a doctrinal perspective we are an Assemblies of God church. For more information about the beliefs and doctrines of the Assemblies of God, please click here

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